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There is a specific reason we all buy trailers; to do work!

Whether we're transporting equipment, removing scrap, or heading out to enjoy track day, your trailer has to get the job done!

Trailers are tools, and nothing gets the job done like the right tool. That right tool must be we well made, no cutting corners, and can't let us down. Rainbow trailers are exactly that, well-built, top quality tools that are ready to work as hard as we demand.

Consider these features, and then compare, you'll find Rainbow a top manufacturer in which you can trust.
Rainbow Trailer are 100% Canadian-made, on custom jigs to ensure they meet our strict quality control, and as a result they pull straighter and easier than our competitors' models. Using custom jigs means your trailer is built, as all our trailers are, to the exact specs as designed by our Engineers. Rainbow is also Compliant with NATM, and organization with a priority on ensuring manufacturers build better and safer trailers. Always ensure you're buying a NATM compliant trailer for everyone's safety on the road.
This brings us to our next important point, Rainbow Trailers are truly engineered. Many small manufacturers are welders who simply start making trailers, similar to how any homemade model may be. When you're buying a professionally manufactured trailer, which you will rely on for years of service, check to see that there are true engineering specifications and a load verified design to your purchase, otherwise you may regret it later.

We use channel steel (and I-Beams in some models) in our frames, making a better, longer lasting trailer. As your trailer is pulled down the road, or through the field, there will be a need for flexing. Channel frames flex better and as a result don't pass that flexing on the welds, as square tube frames do. Being able to flex means less stress on the welds, and ultimately a longer lasting trailer. Channel also reduces the risk of internal rusting as square tubes are prone to over time.
After we built a frame, we sandblast the metal in preparation to weather the elements. Our trailers then receive an enamel primer and topcoat or an epoxy primer and topcoat, depending on the model. Either way the metal services are protected properly for years of service.

Everything rides on your tires, and for that reason Rainbow Trailers only uses radial tires, on all of our trailers. As well, we start at 15" rims for our 3500lb axles, and move up from their depending on the capacity of the axle. 3.5k axles mount 5 bolt rims, 5k axles are 6 bolt, and our 7k axles are 8 bolt.

The radial tires add durability and safety, as does the fact that when a trailer needs brakes, we put brakes on all the axles. Some manufacturers may feel on one of the axles needs brakes, but at Rainbow we know every axle should have brakes. While we're discussing brakes, Rainbow includes a breakaway kit with battery on all trailers that have brakes, this isn't optional, it is a necessity!
The wiring of trailers has long been a point of frustration to owners, but not owners of Rainbow Trailers. That's because at Rainbow we run poly conduit along our frames, and then our wiring is enclosed in the conduit and sealed to keep everything working, just as it should.

If a cargo trailer suites your needs, then you'll be glad to hear that all Rainbow Cargo Trailers use the patented technology of 3M VHB tape to secure the sidewalls to the frame. This tape is another example of how Rainbow goes the extra mile to deliver a durable trailer. Traditional cargo trailers use screws and rivets to secure the sidewalls, and when towing the trailer frame flexes, which then puts stress onto the pilot holes of these screws and rivets. Over time the holds enlarge slightly, resulting in movement, and from there the holes enlarge further at an increased rate until the integrity of the trailer is threatened. 3M's tape ensures the frame can flex while never losing it grip on the sidewalls making a longer lasting, solid trailer.

The longer you own your Rainbow Trailer, the more you'll value the quality.

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