Southland Trailers

 Built right here in Alberta ........

The advantages Southland Trailer Corp. has over other facilities is our in-house fabrication capabilities which allow us to “think outside the box” when designing or improving our products. Minimal outsourcing mean tighter control over production runs and the capabilities to implement customer feedback immediately during our prototyping phase.

We purchase material in bulk. This allows us to fabricate and store “kits” in-house and streamlines the production run. When taking out the middleman, we have an increased communication between the project manager, engineer, and fab shop which has improved our product quality.

Teamwork is an essential element of STC operations. Even though we have large facilities and over 100 employees, interdepartmental cooperation has enhanced our designs, decreased lead times, and increased production without getting other vendors involved.


Southland builds 4 different Models of dump Trailers - this allows the Factory to produce Better Quality with Lower Prices for the end consumers!! 

SL252 - 6x10 2-5200# axles

SL 270- 7x14 2-7000# axles - Standard Feature Includes Ramps & Tarp

SL280- 7x14 2-8000# axles - 23580R16E - Standard Includes Ramps & Tarp

SL280 has a lift capacity of 9 tonnes stabilized by a modular sill and scissor lift design, allowing you to lift more and lift faster. The re-designed SL280 gives you more of what it takes to get through your working day faster and safer. The standard load out package comes with an adjustable 2-5/16 inch coupler , 10 ply HD rated tires and a 5k drop leg jack. The Equa-Flex 8,000 lbs. axles eliminate the need for torsion axles and dramatically reduces road shock and vibration.

SL280HD - 7X14 2-8000# axles -23580R16G - Hyd landing gear, Ramps & Tarp Included

The SL280HD Heavy Duty package weighs in at 17,000 lbs. GVWR and is built to get the job done. It comes with a 22K ball  coupler, 14 ply steel belted HD rated tires and a 12 k HD drop leg jack.
The Equa-Flex 8,000 lbs. axles come with Easy Lube Hubs and easily handle the toughest load. With an lift capacity of 8 tonnes stabilized by a modular sill and scissor lift design,
you can lift more and lift faster. The Equa-Flex suspension system reduces the amount of shake , rattle and roll and with Southland`s reputation you know you are getting a well built trailer.


The Southland Highboy 20′ flatdeck trailer is a one of kind flat deck offering industry exclusive 7′ aluminum slide in ramps. Each ramp is rated at over 4000 lb mid span, meaning you can safely load over 16,000 lbs. The wiring is designed for harsh winter environment, meaning every inch of wiring is fully enclosed inside the tubing of the trailer. Additionally, the LED bullet lights are extremely bright and fully conform to all government standards, yet are extremely tough and withstand road rash very well. The A-Frame has extra storage space for straps, tie downs and any tools you need. This unit is engineered to optimize it’s strength to weight ratio, meaning its strong enough to meet your need, yet you do not carry around unnecessary weight. Every piece is laser cut and formed to the precise requirements for fabrication, the entire unit is steel shot blasted, audited prior to paint, liquid painted (you can choose your color!), audited again for paint quality, baked in an oven and then sent to finish. These trailers are tough and built to last!



The patented Southland Hooklift Rolloff Trailer Modular System is a true multi-use trailer. The same chassis can serve as a cargo trailer, flatdeck or dump trailer. The modular components makes owning multiple trailers more affordable and within minutes you can be ready to tackle a completely new job.

We’ve learned from our previous version of the roll off trailer, the hooklift design is much faster, safer and the more convenient way to load and unload attachments, when compared with the traditional winch system. Leave the 2 stage pump running while using the wireless remote to load and unload the attachments without ever leaving your vehicle. Maintain full control of your attachment by actuating the hooklift arm and position your cargo exactly where you need it. This trailer is truly one of a kind, as demonstrated by our patented design.